Vi offriamo ogni giorno i Sapori e le meraviglie di una terra straordinaria: La Puglia



From the best wineries from Apulia, we have selected for you some of the best wines which will brighten your lunch and your dinner in an excellent manner, accompanying all your dishes. Just a special cup for every taste.

  • Primitivo di Manduria I.G.T. from 2008;
  • Negroamaro I.G.T. from 2008;
  • White Verdeca I.G.T. from 2008.

Extra Virgin olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for cooking, especially for its taste and for its therapeutic properties and health benefits. With various sizes 3 kg, and bottles: 1.000 ml, 750 ml, 500ml, 250ml.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil;

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Olive of Apulian secular trees. With various sizes of 750ml, 50ml, 250ml.

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced entirely from organic farming;



Apulia is one of those regions in which the Italian Cheese is a real art and where there are strong  and authentic flavors, related to the ancient traditions. The cheeses selected here are only a few chosen by us for you to enjoy only the best flavors of our beautiful land.

  • White Stracchinato;
  • Chilli Stracchinato;
  • Stracchinato with Origano;
  • Caciocavallo Semi-mature;
  • Cacioricotta (goat; sheep);
  • Ricotta Forte;
  • grated cheese.


Scented creams to spread, great for bruschetta, appetizers, side dishes, made ​​with only the freshest seasonal products, processed and packaged in a very short time to make that retain all the natural flavor concerning the Mediterranean tradition.

  • Artichokes;
  • Cream of Peasant;
  • Cream of Onion;
  • Cream of hot pepper;
  • Puree beans;
  • Puree beans and chicory;
  • Cream of Mushroom Pleos;
  • Cream of Mushroom Mushrooms;
  • Cream of Lampascioni;
  • Cream of Sun-dried tomatoes;
  • Aubergines;
  • roasted Aubergines;
  • Aubergines dried in the sun;
  • fillets of Aubergines with hot pepper;
  • green Olives table;
  • black Olives Table;
  • Giant green olives;
  • Baked Olives;
  • Cracked Olives with Chilli;
  • Green Olive Cream;
  • Black Olive Cream;
  • Peppers;
  • Roasted peppers;
  • Peppers in brine;
  • Cream of peppers;
  • Whole Hot Chili Peppers;
  • Pepper chopped;
  • Hot Peppers;
  • Peppers with Anchovies;
  • dried peppers;
  • Tomatoes Provencal;
  • Cream of Sun-dried tomatoes;
  • Celery – spreadable cream;
  • Zucchini dried in the sun;
  • roasted zucchini;
  • Cream of zucchini.

Products prepared with olive oil

The products of the firm Tesori di Puglia are manufactured from selected raw materials without the addition of preservatives and additives but immediately made after harvest. The Apulian tradition is characterized by some traditional recipes of preservation of old products and now we present our products in oil made ​​today with all the attention that allow long term storage of all the original flavors.

  • Apéritif Pugliese;
  • Artichokes;
  • Artichokes mignon;
  • Slices of Artichokes;
  • roasted Artichokes;
  • Slices of roasted artichokes;
  • Artichokes in brine;
  • Miniature artichokes in brine;
  • Cream of artichokes;
  • Cream of the farmer;
  • roasted onions;
  • Cream of onion;
  • Chicory;
  • chilly cream;
  • Fantasy and sour;
  • broad beans;
  • broad beans in brine;
  • broad beans with chicory;
  • Puree beans;
  • Puree beans and chicory;
  • Mushrooms Muschio;
  • Mushrooms Pleos;
  • Mushrooms Pleos roasted;
  • Cream of Mushroom Pleos;
  • Mushrooms Cardoncello;
  • Mushrooms Cardoncello roasted;
  • Cream of Mushroom Cardoncello;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Mushrooms roasted;
  • Cream of Mushrooms;
  • Lampascioni;
  • Lampascioni roasted;
  • Cream of Lampascioni;
  • Aubergines;
  • roasted Aubergines;
  • Aubergines dried in the sun;
  • Aubergines Fillets of pepper;
  • green Olive  table;
  • black olives table;
  • giant green olives;
  • Baked Olives;
  • Peppers;
  • Roasted peppers;
  • Peppers in brine;
  • Whole Hot Chili Peppers;
  • small peppers filling;
  • small peppers with anchovies;
  • Sun-dried tomatoes;
  • Tomatoes Provencal;
  • Marinated Zucchini;
  • Zucchini dried in the sun;
  • roasted zucchini.


All jams, which are sweet marmelades, represent always a dish that should be celebrated when it arrives on the table. Here you will find traditional recipes and creative recipes to prepare healthy and delicious home-canned.

•Orange Marmalade; •Jam of pureed Cherries; •Whole Jam of Cherries; •Marmalade of red onions from Tropea; •Marmalade of onions from Tropea with balsamic vinegar; •Fig Jam; •India’s Fig Jam; •Strawberry Jam; •Mandarin Marmalade; •Quince Jam; •Chilli Peppers Jam; •Peach Jam; •Plum Jam; •Peaches in Syrup; •Quince jelly; •Sweet and Sour Cherries; •Angelic Cherries;

Typical Desserts

The Biscuit of Ceglie is a typical sweet, with a  simple construction and a great taste but its origins are discussed.

• the biscuits of Ceglie;

The Biscuit of Ceglie got the Slow Food, thanks to its goodness and genuineness which distinguishes the original recipe and the ingredients that make up the unique flavor of this product. Through our work we offer every day all this directly on your table so you can enjoy and take with you our valued treasures.

Typical Sweets

All sweets of the company Tesori di Puglia represent a real pride for Apulian region, their goodness comes from ingredients which are selected with care and from love of  people who prepare them.

• Vincotto of cherries;

Made with only the best cherries grown in the lands of Apulia, the cooked wine is made ​​with a cherry juice cooked for a long time in order to reduce it to almost a fifth of its original volume, thus obtaining a compound very sweet and dark in color.